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Worst-ever human tragedy is feared in Indian-held Kashmir as India is trying to change the demography of the region.Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

Reported by: The Voice of UK (NEW YORK ) Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan while addressing the UN General Assembly ,He said the worst-ever human tragedy is feared in Indian-held Kashmir as India is trying to change the demography of the region. He said more than 15,000 youth have been taken into custody by Indian Forces illegally.

He urged international human rights organizations to put pressure on India to allow its observers to enter into Kashmir.

The Prime Minister said that he is visiting the USA as Ambassador of Kashmiris and he will present the Kashmir Case before the world effectively.

he said 900,000 India troops put 8 million Kashmiris under siege after India illegally revoked special status of occupied Kashmir by going against 11 UN resolutions on August 05. “India misconstrued our peace gesture of returning pilot,” Imran Khans said.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan told the United Nations General Assembly that India is planning a “bloodbath” in Kashmir, adding that the Indian-occupied Kashmir has been under lockdown since New Delhi scrapped its semi-autonomous status in early August, and Khan said armed forces there would turn on the population after the curfew was lifted.

“There are 900,000 troops there, they haven t come to, as Narendra Modi says — for the prosperity of Kashmir… These 900,000 troops, what are they going to do? When they come out? There will be a bloodbath,” he said.

Imran Khan said that there are 1.3 billion Muslims in entire world and the Islamophobia has grown at horrific pace after 9/11 after certain world leaders equated terrorism with Islam. “Terrorism has nothing to do with any religion,” he said.

The Pm Pakistan said: “Pakistan has lost 70 thousand lives in war against terrorism, adding that we do not want war.

Prime minister of Pakistan said that billions of dollars are being siphoned off to richer countries and tax havens, adding that the difference between rich and poor countries is increasing due to money laundering.

Imran Khan went on to say that poor countries being plundered by their corrupt elite, adding that the corrupt elite of poor countries buying properties abroad. He asked why tax havens are allowed in some countries.

Speaking about the climate change issue, he said that we need to take important steps to address climate challenges.

Imran Khan said that this issue is not of a single country but should be dealt with collectively, adding that Pakistan is among the top 10 nations in the world, which are most affected by climate change.

“We don’t realize the urgency of the situation. We have so many ideas but ideas without funding are mere hallucinations,” the PM said.

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