We must observe the Hectic activities of Prime Minister of Pakistan and AJK Raja Muhammad Hanif Khan.

TheVoiceofUK (MUZAFFARABAD Azad Kashmir) Reported by: Raja Muhammad Hanif Khan Senior Advocate of Supreme Court AJK Ex- Vice Chairman AJK Bar Council We must observe the Hectic activities of Prime Minister of Pakistan and AJK after Indian action of 5th August ‘019.Whether every effort on theirs part 
contribute for the establishment of durable peace in Indian held Kashmir and have stopped Indian atrocities in IHK?
The answer is  in negative.
For the purpose, 
firstly we shall have to ensure NATIONAL UNITY in Pakistan , thereafter, we shall have to indulge ourselves in approaching international community and to achieve the support from the permanent members of UNO as well as the Muslim countries with a view to attract world attention and highlight violation of human rights in Kashmir and ;
then persuade the international community for providing the peoples of JAMMU & KASHMIR the rights of self determination guaranteed to them by UNSC under UN charter. 
Holding public meetings and rallies within Pakistan and AJK territory is a source of consolation as well as self satisfaction for ourselves within Pakistan AJK and Indian occupied territory of Kashmir and nothing more. 
We are doing nothing so as to strive for solution of the real cause either practically or theoretically. 
At the same time it’s essential to dispel an impression 
that we have agreed the settlement of the KASHMIR CAUSE  somewhere and what we are doing within Pakistan is for the purpose of killing time to arrive at the final stage of the settlement

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