We are very loud and clear. Go India Go back.Abdul Hameed lone leader of APHC

Reported by:The Voice of UK:(Islamabad Pakistan)Abdul Hameed lone leader of APHC Express his views in a statement he said

India has imposed war on the people, who invited India to our motherland, collaborators and they entered in our homes. We lost our generations, honour, and now they are after our identity and rights. Collaborators are now meeting them to bring RSS, to make us slaves and one day we may lose our everything including religion. This we will not accept, we will not become slaves of RSS. NOW we will fight  and support our Youth. We are one united Nation and we will burn down property of collaborators, we will stone them to death.
They will not be trusted, they have just one path to become part of us and that is Hurriyat line, NO to Indian constitution and call for civil disobedience. Nothing less is acceptable to us. 

India you have to leave our Kashmir, we will not let our Jammu and Kargil brothers alone. We will jointly get our complete Kashmir librated from You India. 
We are very loud and clear.
Go India Go back.

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