Uncle miss you much On February 11, Farooq Raza Qureshi’s beloved daughter-in-law Noor-ul-Qureshi

Reportedby:NoorulQureshi:TheVoiceofUK(Muzaffarabad AJK ) The death of a martyr is the life of the nation. Writing – Noorul Qureshi The history of Kashmir is full of martyrdom sacrifices. But the residents of the Azad region also did not hesitate to take part in this journey of martyrdom. Every year, February, they renew their grief. Shaheed Tehreek-e-Azadi Kashmir Farrukh Raza Qureshi is among those martyrs whose memory of the martyrdom refreshes the month of February, Uncle U misses much On February 11, Farooq Raza Qureshi’s beloved daughter-in-law Noor-ul-Qureshi, along with her uncle from Saudi Arabia, left the Tehreek-e-Azadi Kashmir convoy on February 11. Pakistan occupied Kashmir’s independence from uthy command bridge was crossed,
The way the Indian army was benefiting, including Malik Farid – Ashtiq Uncle 11, Sarfroosh was also a martyr, and Farrukh Raza Qureshi among the martyrs was the beneficiaries of the military. “Uncle and other martyrs pay tribute to Chakothi about the latest, Shaheed Farrukh Raza Qureshi’s daughter-in-law, Noor-ul-Qureshi. The sacrifices of Kashmir will surely ring, one day Kashmir will be liberated, Noor-ul-Qureshi has given a sad idea in memory of his uncle, Heard little by little The drugs are perfect Uncle in this world The wind is up.
am not, he is not Always think Are your uncles really green? So good Farkh was named Jan This is my employee relationship Won’t see it Yes, luck has happened. Being martyred in Chakotai Cree heads up all of us Uncle Gorge is not even in the world Well done …

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