Thousands march in memory of murdered French Jewish woman

thousand people took part in a silent march in Paris

Reported by: The Voice of UK (Paris, France)

Several thousand people took part in a silent march in Paris at the Paris Nation square for a white march, expressing solidarity with the family of Mireille Knoll, murdered.

Knoll, an 85-year-old French-Jewish Holocaust survivor, was apparently stabbed to death inside her apartment, which was later set on fire. Police have arrested two individuals over the weekend and they were indicted for the killing on Mireille Knoll.
Knoll, who escaped the mass deportation of Jews from France during World War II by fleeing abroad, was stabbed 11 times in an attack that the perpetrators apparently tried to conceal by setting fire to the apartment.


The leaders of several political parties joined the march for Mireille Knoll, whose partly burned body was found in her Paris home at the weekend.

Community leaders carrying white roses and lawmakers wearing their official sashes led the march from Place de la Nation to Kroll’s apartment building in the east of Paris.

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