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The future belongs to the MC.Under the leadership of Sardar Attiq Khan We will play our full role for the construction and development of City.Assembly candidate Sajjad Abbasi

Reported by: TheVoice ofUK(MuzaffarabadPakistan)Workers should prepare for the Muslim Conference constituency city elections. The Muslim Conference will contest the elections on horseback. The Muslim Conference will get 8,000 votes in the elections. The people are fed up with non-state parties. The future belongs to the Muslim Conference.  City Assembly candidate Sajjad Abbasi’s address to Iftar Party The Muslim Conference will be the guarantor of the rights of the people of Muzaffarabad. I will play my full role for the development of the people of Constituency 3 and the people of Muzaffarabad will see how much change will take place in the politics of Azad Kashmir. The day is not far away when we will be successful and will serve the people of the constituency day and night and will play our role in every forum for all their legitimate rights. The people of Muzaffarabad love Muslim Conference and we are Under the leadership of  Sardar Attiq Khan We will play our full role for the construction and development of Muzaffarabad. The people of the constituency have always given love and the love shown by the people of Constituency No. 3 towards me, I will never let the people be disappointed. I will continue to play my role in every forum for the rights of the people. He said that Pakistan is our destination and we have struggled to achieve this destination and we will continue our struggle till the destination.

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