That the issue of domicile of Indians was a Kashmir issue. According to the 2011 census, 69% of the Muslim population in the entire state of occupied JK and 28% of non-Muslims including Hindus. Khawaja Farooq Ahmed

Reported by:TheVoiceofUK(Muzaffarabad Azadkashmir Pakistan)Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Joint Secretary and former Minister for Local Government and Electric , Construction and Hydraulic Electric Board Khawaja Farooq Ahmed has revoked the special status of the state in Occupied Kashmir. Has issued a domicile certificate, thus following any possible referendum, it has carried out a nefarious plan to change the demographics of the state and the international community should take notice of this, said Khawaja Farooq Ahmed on March 18, 2020. Prior to this, jobs in Occupied India were reserved for Kashmiris only, but the repeal of 35-A from the Indian Constitution and now declaring Indians citizens of the state from March 18 is exactly the same as giving jobs to Palestinians from occupied Palestine. US presidential candidate Jay Biden also opposed the Indian government’s move and demanded that the decision on Kashmir’s special status be reinstated. Khawaja Farooq Ahmed said that the issue of domicile of Indians was a Kashmir issue. According to the 2011 census, 69% of the Muslim population in the entire state of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and 28% of non-Muslims including Hindus, Pandits, Sikhs, Christians are all seeking to change the Indian government. Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution prohibits Indian citizens from taking up employment in the occupied state, but after the removal of this clause, the situation will change radically and already Indian citizens belonging to the state of Bihar will be given to Naveen Kumar. By issuing the first domicile, this nefarious illegal act was initiated. Now, under the new law, any Indian resident who has resided in the state for 15 years or has been a student for 7 years, sits for 10th, 11th and 12th class examinations. Already 38 of the 66 top bureaucrats were from India. Now, under the new law, even children who have never been to Kashmir have been deported to the state because of their parents. Have been made entitled to take domicile, Khawaja Farooq Ahmed told the international community Muslim countries and UNO 5 August 202 It will be a full year of this cruel Indian move on 0 and before that India wants to issue a state domicile to a reasonable number of its citizens to take notice of the brutal crushing of the freedom struggle in Occupied Kashmir. The government claiming to be the base camp of AJK should also inform the world about this new illegal move of India that the primary responsibility lies with the independent government which has not fulfilled it yet, Khawaja Farooq said. Ahmed said that if we remain silent at this stage, Indian citizens like Palestine will occupy all lands, properties, jobs within the state and Kashmiris will be made strangers in their own country like Palestinians. India has taken which must be remedied immediately. The people of Azad Kashmir, the government, the opposition, the lawyers, the civil society should all take immediate notice so that India does not succeed in its nefarious intentions.

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