President of central Baar Muzaffarabad Ajk Raja Aftaab Ahmed warm welcomed.

Reported by: The Voice of UK (Muzaffarabad Pakistan)
 President of central Baar Muzaffarabad Ajk Raja Aftaab Ahmed warm welcomed by the Muzaffarabad Press club and President of Muzaffarabad Press club Mr Saleem Parwana.he said we proud of Raja Aftaab Ahmed, he is an intelligent and  honest person, for Central Baar Muzaffarabad its a honor Raja Aftaab Ahmed become President.Mr Parwana said Central Baar Muzaffarabad is in his command, playing better role to provide fair and quick justice to common person, he said Aftaab Ahmed is same like my younger brother I wish him all the best.
On this occasion Raja Aftaab Ahmed said thanks to Mr Saleem Parwana and Muzaffarabad Press club members for warm welcome.he said Mr Saleem Parwana is an ideal personality I had experience work with him as a Secretary General of Press club.he said I found Mr Parwana   always concern about responsible journalism and concern public and Nation interests, he did historical events like journalists shake hand Rayli to deliver message to world and erase peaceful voice for Kashmir issu .He said Mr Parwana is Multiple talent person and May Allah Bless him.

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