PM Johnson asserts control over UK government, finance minister quits

LONDON:Boris Johnson forced the resignation of his finance minister on Thursday for refusing to toe the line, a sign the prime minister was tightening his control in a government reshuffle designed to deliver his vision for Britain beyond Brexit.Johnson, who had wanted to minimize any disruption from his long-planned cabinet revamp, quickly replaced Sajid Javid with his deputy Rishi Sunak, a loyal supporter of the prime minister who is often put before the media to sell government policy.

Johnson’s team had carefully choreographed the reshuffle, presenting it as an opportunity to foster new talent, particularly among women, while also rewarding loyalists. 

But the finance minister’s resignation – which some commentators said might have been sought by Johnson’s team all along – added to a sense that the prime minister would brook no dissent and wanted to have more control over the Treasury. Reuters.

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