Pakistan Army has won the war against terrorism with the lowest defence budget in the region, even less than Bangladesh

Reported   by:
Imtiaz Ahmed Mughal

TheVoice ofUK(MuzaffarabadPakistan) Pakistan Army is one of the vital organs of Pakistan, and is nothing less than a string of the federation and represents the bravery of the nation of Pakistan.  Inter alia, Article 39 of the constitution says “The State shall enable people from all parts of Pakistan to participate in the Armed Forces of Pakistan.” This article is being practically applied as Pakistan Army represents the Federation in true sense of the word. In first place, it is a national army comprising people from all provinces and regions of Pakistan. Pakistan Army’s officers corps and soldiers’ cadre is made up of the Punjabi, Pashtun, Sindhi, Balochi, Brahvi, Seraiki, Qabaili, Kashmiri, Gilgiti, Balti, Chitrali and all other ethno-linguistic communities, even if missed out a mention herein. All of them have their own soldierly characteristics and a unique kind of love for the country. 

It is indeed true to say that Army is not a profession but a way of life. Pakistan Army’s structure symbolizes Pakistan’s federation structure. It is exhibited well from its regiments named after the regions and provinces of Pakistan to include the Punjab Regiment, the Baloch Regiment, the Frontier Force Regiment, the Sindh Regiment, the Azad Kashmir (AK) Regiment and the Northern Light Infantry (NLI) Regiment. It may be interesting for some to know that the Baloch Regiment is the second oldest regiment after the Punjab Regiment. This too deserves a mention that Pakistan Army has representation from all religious and sectarian communities. Certainly, being a country with 97 % Muslim population, the bulk of officers and soldiers of Pakistan Army are Muslim. However, other religious communities are also represented and respected. There have been Christian and Pasri officers who rose quite high in the ladder of career advancement. Some of them are still serving. There is representation from Hindu and Sikh community, too, in the officers’ corps and a number of Christian soldiers are also serving in the army. The even more satisfying feature is that all religio-sectarian communities have liberty to pursue the rituals and morals of their faith and beliefs without any coercion or compulsion in line with the true Islamic teachings and the ideals of the Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the State.”

Soldier of Pakistan Army is the bravest, vigilant and loyal I have ever seen. They have literally defeated the foreign sponsored terrorist proxies in a long war which lasted 17 years. Battle heardened soldiers and war fighting generals give them a great edge in this modern era of guerilla fighting. Officer to soldier martyrdom ratio is 1: 6 in all conflicts which is higher than every other country. This shows the leadership level in battlefield.

The Pakistan Army soldiers have three thoughts when it comes to warfare. Firstly, they fight for Almighty Allahs happiness. Secondly, they fight for the safety of the Holy land as they know that this state was aquired by countless sacrifices of their ancestors and that they will not let evil take it back from them. And lastly, they do not care how big their enemy is they only think that either they themselves will be destroyed or they will destroy their enemy. In other words “Ghazi ya shaheed! “(“victorious or martyred! “).

After the September 11 attacks in the United States of America, Pakistan joined hands with the US-led War on Terror and helped the Us forces by severing ties with the Taliban. In this war more than 80000 Pakistanis lost their lives including more than 7000 Pak Army soldiers. It is unfortunate that  the world didn’t recognize these sacrifices but there is always a so demand DO MORE.

There are many propaganda against Pakistan Army regarding the defence budget  but Pakistani military spending per soldier is USD 13,513 the lowest in the world and USA highest is USD 409,596 per soldier. Pakistani per soldier cost is even below Bangladesh USD 17597 and India per soldier USD 42,188 and yet it is under attack for being economical and efficient. On the other hand, US debt is over USD 22.7 trillion in 2019, but U.S. Congress approved 716 billion dollars in defense spending for fiscal year 2019, and about 700 billion dollars for fiscal year 2018, it means US cannot even suppose to spend all this on defense?

As journalist, we have a responsibility to authenticate facts and being truthful. A bright writer and journalist will see how the people without defense and powerful force like Palestinians, Kashmiris, Bosnians and Rohangyas are treated by the hostile criminal armies? Can you imagine a Pakistan without a strong army living next to Modi’s India?

Pakistan armed forces are voluntary force in which any one man or woman can apply and try his talent and luck to reach on top. Just to remind people that soldiers are not security guards as they sign their death warrant at the time of joining and insurance companies will not insure them or charge very high premium due to high risks. Those who says solders are getting paid, so their duties are as common as city centre job. Politics is also a voluntary work and not a profession or invitation by the state, as well as not an automatic license to loot and plunder national wealth.

This is one-point agenda undermine the armed forces of Pakistan and make country a soft target. Can you imagine Pakistan without strong army after the Indian attacks led by Modi Government in February 2019? Do you think these political parties can sustain 24 hours against the Indian military might? In the end it’s the arms dealers who are winning by bribing their ‘agents in democracy’?

A secure country can promise a secure democracy otherwise Palestinians have elected HAMAS and Egyptians elected ‘Brotherhood’ but the so-called democrats in USA and West toppled the elected government with military and installed a puppet who only got 7.5% votes in Egypt who was selling Gas to Israelis on the lowest price of $1.5 MMBTU but buying from international market for $9 MMBTU for its own use.

The people, who are defaming Pakistan Army, have disgraced the country for their interests. Interesting thing to ponder is how foreign agencies could cultivate its assets in Pakistan and nobody knew about it? Chinese experts say about Pakistani elite – “Fish start rotting from the Head”. This book is to undermine the confidence of the armed forces but at the same time armed forces need to keep its backyard clean.

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