Indian forces to carry out massacre in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and hundreds of people are being martyred every day. Sajjad Anwar Abbasi, Central Leader of Muslim Conference

Reported by:TheVoiceofUK(Muzaffarabad Azadkashmir Pakistan) Sajjad Anwar Abbasi, Central Leader of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference and candidate for Assembly constituency 3 City, strongly condemned the ongoing Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and indiscriminate firing on unarmed civilians in Khoi Ratta and Nikail sectors yesterday.  It is said that fascist Modi has given free rein to the usurping Indian forces to carry out massacre in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and hundreds of people are being martyred every day, blindness of youth with pellet guns, rape of women, atrocities on children, old people.  People around the world are suffering due to the Corona virus and the Indian government is still refraining from inflicting atrocities on Muslims. Modi is punishing Kashmiris for their everlasting love for Pakistan.  Despite the atrocities, Kashmiris could not get love for Pakistan from their hearts. Kashmiris still consider it an honor to be buried under the green crescent flag. Brave forces of Pakistan are responding to the tension by the Indian Army on the Line of Control.  And the intellect of the cowardly Indian forces has been put to rest. Good hands on the Line of Control  By firing indiscriminately and firing and shelling unarmed civilians, the Indian Army has realized that it is impossible to fight the martyrdom-stricken Pakistan Army hawks. He added that India should know that the only way to peace in Asia is through peace.  Connected with the peace of Kashmir, Modi should take the nails of consciousness. The world is affected by Karuna at the moment and is thinking about it when Modi is breaking mountains of oppression on stupid Kashmiris. The dream of peace in the region without resolving Kashmir issue is stupid.  The world must take notice of the Indian aggression. Uma must unite against the tyrannical forces, otherwise the bloodshed of the Muslims will not stop. The reason is that there is peace in the world while the Muslim countries are the victims of their own conspiracies.  In particular, the claims of the US superpower, which is making new weapons and ammunition in the world, have been reduced to dust.

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