India forcibly and illegally took over Indian Occupied Kashmir 72 years ago.Imran Kahn

Reported by: TheVoiceofUK Islamabad Pakistan)Prim Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said  that United Nations gives Kashmiris the right to referendum, adding that more than more than 100,000 innocent Kashmiris have been killed in their struggle for the independence.Khan said that India forcibly and illegally took over Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) 72 years ago today .

Imran Khan went on to say that Pakistan will continue to raise the issue of Kashmir at world fora till Kashmiris attain their birth right to self-determination, adding that the world would be apprised of the enormity of the situation in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).

He said that India has deprived innocent Kashmiris of their basic rights by imposing curfew in the Valley.

“Narnder Modi, after coming to power for second term, imposed curfew in Occupied Kashmir and no one knows what is happening in the valley,” the Prim Minister of Pakistan said and added Modi regime changed Kashmir s status by claiming that he wants development there. “Modi should hold a referendum if he wants peace, stability, and development in Kashmir,” he added.

Khan said all the mainstream political parties of Kashmir boycotted the recently held local government polls in Occupied Kashmir, adding that the ruling BJP met a humiliated defeat even in the controlled elections there. 

The premier made it clear that anybody talking of crossing the line of control will commit enmity with Kashmir and Pakistan. He said India is looking for such an opportunity to crush the freedom struggle of Kashmiris.

He said: “New Delhi rulers have deployed 900,000 troops to subjugate Kashmiris voice, adding that the Modi government wants to hold Pakistan responsible for unrest in Kashmir to deflect attention of the world community from the bloodbath continuing in the valley.”

Pm Imran Khan said Kashmiris movement is a political struggle and we have to extend our moral, diplomatic and political support in this regard. He assured the people of Kashmir that he is not only their ambassador, but will also become their spokesperson and advocate supporting their struggle till they achieve their right to self-determination as enshrined in the UN Resolutions. 

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