The question that arise in the world today is how exactly did the Corona virus spread around 9 years ago in the movie.

The reality of today’s world was revealed almost nine years ago by the well-known American film Contagion, made in 2011. Inside the movie, it is clearly seen that a woman travels from the United States to the Chinese city of Hong Kong to her friend where her friend arranges a party for her and she has dinner with him the next day. Travels back to the United States About a day after arriving at her home she suffers from a high fever and falls to the ground where she is immediately transferred to the hospital, but unable to recover and dies. According to him, a strange type of virus has been attacked that has not yet been discovered in the world. He has been seen in films for about 9 to 10 years. He spends most of his time with his mother because the virus transmits to his baby’s vagina, causing his baby to have a high fever cough and diarrhea. She gets cold for about 6 days and her baby also dies due to the virus. Doctors immediately arrest his father and move him to Quarantina, where he undergoes various tests, and tests are made on how often his wife travels with her mother and how many days her baby has been with his mother. The WHO, on the other hand, reaches the point that a dangerous virus has spread in China, which has engulfed the whole of China, and as soon as it is seen, the virus spreads all over the world and it is estimated that If the virus is not vaccinated, about 8 million people will fall prey to the virus. The WHO begins by urging people to take precautions and stay away from home. While the movie clearly states that the economic conditions of the world have deteriorated, people are dying from the virus. The world seems like curfew. People are being left homeless. Educational institutions are all closed. The roads are empty, offering a view of the deserted cemetery. While the disease, known as the corona virus, lasts for about 90 days to 144 days in the world. Meanwhile, the WHO sends two special doctors to Hong Kong in the city of China to find out the cause of the outbreak, but during the course of the investigation, one of the two doctors was diagnosed with the deadly corona virus. And 14 days of insomnia dies while the world lacks shroud and people are collectively buried. On the 144th day, the WHO develops a vaccine against the Corona virus, which is transported to the European countries around 90 days after it is transmitted to Asian countries. The vaccine is inserted into the nose of a human being, which goes into the lungs to eradicate the pathogen of the corona virus. But what causes the disease to be discovered is when doctors and scientists find out that a batsman in China ate bananas and he falls down from the mouth of banana bats, which the pig eats from the virus bats. Pig is transmitted to a woman who travels to the United States from China to her friend and she and her friends eat it, which causes the virus to move to her friend and thus the virus spreads all over the world. Goes But the questions that arise in the world today is how exactly did the Corona virus spread around 9 years ago? How did the movie’s author find out 9 years ago that the virus would be called the Corona virus, and at least it would affect 8 million people.??? How does the United States suddenly develop a vaccine against the Corona virus? Surprisingly within the movie, two WHO victims suffer from the Corona virus. However, about 2 days ago, 2 WHO experts became infected. Isn’t this a pre-plan? Wasn’t the virus left behind by a specific plan in China? If the answer is no, then how did the US movie that was made 9 years ago prove to be true in the world? How does an American writer in his book End of Days reveal that a deadly epidemic spreads across the world in 2020, which suddenly engulfs the entire world and suddenly the epidemic is out of the world and almost After a decade, the disease will again invade the world. It is only coincidental for all American writers to know, or is it just a thought project of the United States?

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