Awareness campaign has been launched in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir to fight against the coronavirus Dr Bashar Rahman Kanth,

TheVoiceofUK(Pakistan)Awareness campaign has been launched in Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir) to fight against the coronavirus and to meet the challenges.

Dr. Bashir-ur-Rehman Kanth, Mr. Saleem Parwana, Dr. Ansar Yaqub, Dr. Ghazanfar, Dr. Muddasir Hafeez Awan and Miss Fatima Durrani Addressing the Seminar

Rumors should not be ignored. People will be informed about religious and medical issues.
Professors, faculty members, doctors, undergraduate education students and students attended in large numbers. Dr. Bashar Rahman Kanth, Head and Faculty Surgeon of the Faculty, Senior Journalist and President of Muzaffarabad Press Club and Muzaffrabad Awami Ahtaad Saleem Parwana,Dr. Mudasir Hafiz Awan, Dr. Anasir Jacob, Dr. Fatima Dovarni addressed the function. Dr. Bashir-ur-Rehman Kanth said that the spread of the virus is increasing now in the world. Doctors, Saindan are doing their duties well in the face of these challenges.
– The policy that the Government of Pakistan has put in place to prevent the spread of the disease will not affect Pak-China friendship and children and foreigners. He said that forbidden goods are consumed in the outside world. Many meat has been declared forbidden to Muslims. He said work on vaccination for curing the virus is progressing rapidly. Doctors and religious scholars, Wimedia will continue to serve as a guide to the nation. Mr Saleem Parwana said authentic awareness was a timely call.
Speakers of Religious Medicine at the event are best guided by the message: The message of the ceremony will be publicized on every forum. All the participants in the game are like a beautiful bouquet. They also highlight the message in its true spirit. He appreciated the services of Dr. Bashir-ur-Rehman Kanth and described the event as meaningful and consistent with the current challenges. Dr Ansar Yaqub, Dr Md. Hafiz Awan, presided over the meeting.
Dr Elama Yakub said that the use of halal things should not go to places where the outbreak exists. He said that 1173 people were recovered from the virus. However, 665 died. The number of survivors is high. In his address, Dr Emaar said that the problems do not resolve immediately. Many nations are responsible for their role in pandemic diseases. There is a lesson of purity in our religion. He said, study the Quran.

Dr. Bashir-ur-Rehman Kanth, Mr. Saleem Parwana, Miss Fatima Durrani Addressing the Seminar

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